pic dok mel frame 7

I am Doktress Melange, steampunk jeweller and tinkerer. I hand craft each item making sure that each one remains unique. In keeping with the steampunk ethos I recycle and upcycle many materials, sourcing vintage items from far and wide.

I have trained and worked as a jeweller in Birmingham’s historic jewellery quarter and over time I have added resin jewellery to my metal working skills. I find that working with resin is ideal for steampunk jewellery as it allows watch parts that might otherwise be impractical to wear to be incorporated into the designs.

My inspiration comes from a long standing enchantment with the weird and wonderful. I have always had a fascination for science, particularly entomology and find this gives me a never ending source of ideas. These interests have come together and fuelled my creative drive. The steampunk genre has enabled all of my previous skills to fuse and complement each other in such a way that suddenly it all seems to make sense.  Click Here To Read Interview.